Swimming Pool & Spa

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More than 30,000 people keen on lounging by the pool, relaxing in a spa or enjoying a hammam come from all over France (50% from the Ile-de-France region, 50% from rest of France) to find out more or to begin the building or renovating process for a swimming pool or a spa. The event, held next to Nautic - Salon Nautique International de Paris (the Paris International Boat Show) - hosts a select clientele in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere which encourages visitors to buy.

France has the highest number of swimming pools of all European countries. In 2015, France had more than 1.8 million private swimming pools, a 2.5-fold increase in the number of swimming pools over the last 15 years!

But it’s not just swimming pools which are enjoying renewed popularity: the sale of shelters has also increased in France, given that the French are keen to enjoy their pool or spa all year round, whatever the weather.

Visiting the Swimming Pool and Spa Show is thus an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to be the happy owner of swimming pool or spa. As one of the last big events of the year, December is an ideal time for anyone wanting to find out more, get started with a project or design a dream swimming pool - something to enjoy throughout summer with family and friends.