Contemporary, historical and museum high level exhibitions.

With a thorough knowledge of the particularly demanding constraints of such operations, we create and carry out turnkey projects which are tailored to and with the help of our clients and developed with some of the largest public and private international institutions..

As a one-off or part of a bigger project, we can be responsible for:

  • Coming up with a concept and a theme,
  • Choosing and negotiating with shortlisted institutions,
  • Preparing budget,
  • Programming, design and staging,
  • Contractual and legal procedures, particularly relating to the venue,
  • Insurance and security, transport and logistics, technical management, assembly and disassembly,
  • Publishing, press and public relations, communications and websites (on request).

We also help our clients and partners to obtain findings and grants from private and public patrons and assess the possibility of tax deductions linked to French corporate sponsorship laws. As we do for shows and events, we can also negotiate exchange-based partnerships (including with the media) to optimise budgets.