Shows and events

We design, produce and organise shows and events. For more than 20 years.

Whether producing our own events or on behalf of our clients, we design and produce them using a genuinely experiential approach and ensuring total control of budgetary and organisational constraints:

  • Choosing the most iconic exhibitions venues ad hoc, and providing contractual support,
  • Managing, co-ordinating and carrying out the project throughout its production, until the very end,
  • Creating exceptional staging,
  • Coming up with an event’s communication strategy and implementing it: creating the media plan and buying media space (press, TV, radios, posters), as well as media barters and partnerships,
  • Creating and producing catalogues, brochures, websites,
  • Press and public relations,
  • And more…

Budgets are approved with and by our clients and/or partners and are then regularly updated and communicated.

Continuous cost control and revenue optimisation (space, sponsorship and partnerships, ticketing, additional products, website, etc.) are also a constant part of our contribution, whether we are producing or co-producing an event.